Named because of the value of the smiles on the kids’ and staffs’ faces as they learn, grow, and achieve, our flagship Kids-N-K9s program reaches kids in a way few other programs can.  It is an intensive program led by professionals who have extensive experience in the field.  The program is targeted for youth 13-18 years old and consists of:


  • Up to 8 youth and 4 dogs

  • 4 two-hour sessions per week

  • 3 weeks

  • 24 program hours

  • A graduation ceremony


This program addresses the following common issues youth need to master to be successful through experiential learning with the dogs and individual and group processing: 

  • Patience

  • Relationship skills

  • Communication

  • Respect

  • Trust

  • Empathy

  • Motivation

  • Conflict resolution

  • Teamwork

  • Anger management

  • Goal-setting

  • Finding and capitalizing on strengths

  • Delayed gratification

  • Healthy ways to work through frustration

  • Expanded academic activities can be built in upon request

We believe a large part of the KNK9 success comes from the youth being publicly recognized for a positive achievement after they have put in a tremendous amount of work and grown immensely.  A graduation ceremony is conducted at the end of each class where the youth will practice public speaking as they give a speech of what they learned in the program.  They will also demonstrate some of the tricks they taught their dogs to highlight what can be accomplished when you master the skills of patience, perseverance, and how to have a positive relationship.  During graduation, each youth will be presented with a framed diploma and a framed picture with their dog to celebrate and remember their achievement.  


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